Etsy Shop – Cyber Monday Code & New Glicee Available

Happy November! Sorry my last two posts have been about promoting my Etsy shop and prints– hopefully I’ll get back to more meaningful posts soon. Lots of work goes into being a Mom, apparently, and I’ve also been working on a large commission in all my spare time.

As promised — I have a Cyber Monday code for my Etsy shop that will get you 15% off on your purchase. Use CYBERLOVE at checkout, the code is good until Wednesday.

And I have a new print available, 3 Baby Robins, which is an illustration for my forest life book project. This drawing is what I consider to be a study for that project, and it’s one of my favorites of mine from the last couple of years.




Thanks for your support, and I hope 2017 brings me back to posting more about things that matter. Hope you all are well ❤


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