Cut Paper Mountain

A few years ago, I made some cut paper artwork using Color Aid paper – I had a ton of it from a color theory class in art school. I figured I’d try something new, and it was so different than everything I’d been doing in school; I found the process meditative, but my craftsmanship could have used a little work.

I’m sort of at that same point now, minus the Color Aid paper. That stuff is too expensive to buy (and not easy to come by, either, since I think one company makes it). Four weeks and counting til this baby is born, and having no idea what I’ll be able to accomplish artistically actually causes my current art-making to be stressful. It’s like I’m putting way too much pressure on myself to get something “amazing” done, make prints, screen print fabric with new designs, all by some deadline that I made for myself.

Yesterday I decided to just put down the Microns and make a cut paper sketch of something I like. I figured it would be a good mental break for me, it would be a piece with no pressure (well, almost no pressure) and the process would force me to work on my craftsmanship and other technical abilities.

Before I put down a wash on a watercolor drawing, I’ll sometimes do a test wash on ends of watercolor paper to make sure the colors look right. Rarely will I throw these paper ends out, mostly because the paper itself is expensive and I always felt like I could make a tiny drawing on it later. I used these paper end/test washes to cut from, and made a 6″x 4″ sketch of Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania, as viewed from the Pulpit Rocks overlook. My husband and I went there last year around this time for his birthday, and I snapped a pic of the ridge.


Kittatinny Ridge, March 2016



I may be making a screen print of this in the future, but right now I’m just enjoying the process of trying to cut neatly and keep it simple.


4 comments on “Cut Paper Mountain

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your artist journey with us. I do understand the pressure to make something ‘amazing’ as I have only recently decided to start creating art. I am enjoying collage work and photography but worry about the technical aspects being too immature. I am enjoying the learning journey. Keep creating – your work is beautiful.


    • Thank you so much for your words and encouragement! Yes, it’s amazing, the pressure we’ll put on ourselves, the creation of deadlines that don’t need to exist…I’ve always just made things when I’ve had the urge, and tried to take a more natural approach to the process and when things get done. I know that won’t always be possible, but it’s important to realize when you’re being too hard on yourself. I hope you make a blog once you start making things, and let me know when you do! It’s a really good way to encourage yourself, and don’t worry about the technical aspects! Just make things because you want to, the rest will come with time. 🙂


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