Old Ideas for a VeganCookbook

At some point, I was working on a collaborative vegan cookbook with a couple of friends. We all like to cook, bake, draw and make books, but we weren’t organized with the project, so it was never completed.

Anyway, I found my contributions a few months ago while cleaning my studio. I think these are from around 2010. The recipes are tried and true, they are for two cakes. I’ve always enjoyed baking more than cooking.


This monkey cake seems complicated, and it has a lot of ingredients, but the resulting product is delicious, rich and honestly, very caffeinated. I’m sure it can be simplified, and if anyone does so, please let me know your modifications!


This cake is a little simpler, and I’m not exactly sure what happened at the end of Step 7 after “glaze it w/”. Whatever it read, I think it may have been cut off in the scan, and I’m sure whatever glaze you come up with will be delicious. I’m not the kind of baker who makes anything the same way twice, nor do I have a stockpile of glaze and frosting recipes, so I’d probably just make something up on the spot anyway.

One day, it would be fun to actually put together a project like this. I’m not sure how well a recipe book with multiple authors would turn out–it may be better hosted on a blog.

Oh yeah, and the Squirrel Stash Cake makes a pretty decadent breakfast bread, too, if you’re like me and like to have all your sugar before 11 AM.


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