Branding Spirits

A friend asked me to design a Mason jar label for his homemade porch wine. He makes delicious hooch-or moonshine, or fire water, whatever vernacular term you’re comfortable calling fruity small-batch booze that comes in a jar.

Fooch is a nickname of his, which is how “Fooch’s Hooch” was realized. When I asked him what other personal history or regional influence I should incorporate into the label’s artwork, he told me about how he grew up in the Midwest, loving the bits of preserved 1950s-60s design in old diners, cars and signage that were part of his adolescent landscape.

The hooch is made in Virginia, and as my friend is a lover of the outdoors, as well as a trail runner, I included the Shenandoah Mountains in the background. The campfire in the design is a homage to his lifelong love of camping, and a suggestion as to a great setting to enjoy Fooch’s Hooch in.


I’m excited to see them printed and slapped on a jar!


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